Culture of Quality

Our philosophy relies on excellent customer service to tackle new market challenges, with a view to continuous improvement.
Our success builds on the highest quality, as a top priority. What makes our customers choose us over the long term is our role in innovation, quality, reliability, profitability, delivery performance and customer-oriented service.
Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and needs. Our employees are aware of their duty in terms of quality and consequently align their thinking and work.

The management and all the employees at In Motion are the heart of a company that draws lessons from the skills acquired over more than 20 years of activity and that is always in search for innovation.


We promote creativity in the workplace, as we believe the exchange of knowledge and skills is at the core of innovation.
Thanks to its broad expertise acquired over more than twenty years, our technical department cooperates with our customers to develop products and solutions that guarantee maximum efficiency and profitability.
In Motion invests in modern IT technologies allowing a fast project review process. This results in reduced development time and effective production start-up according to required specifications.
We perform all the product validation tests on particular test benches, fostering safety performance and new knowledge.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do

Right from the planning stage, In Motion analyzes and develops the most suitable product with the customer.
Design, development and testing provide for a constant cooperation between the parts both at the time of delivery and in the post-sale phase.

Our focus on customer care, combined with effective stock management and timely deliveries, allows us to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Thanks to refined production and logistics standards, In Motion obtained the most advanced production and business process certifications:
ISO 9001:2015